Frank & Barbara with their granddaughters - California District 5 Assembly Candidate
Frank & Barbara with their granddaughters

Dear Friends,


Every year the Sacramento politicians promise to tell us the truth and to make the tough decisions to end California’s economic crisis. But the latest state budget only proves that they can’t keep their word – they passed a state budget papered over with phony financial projections and kicked California’s problems down the road yet again.

I’ve grown tired of the empty promises and the failure to get the job done. So I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring to serve as our community’s voice in the State Assembly. 

Growing up on our family ranch in eastern Madera County, I was raised to appreciate the sacrifice of those who built our great state. I continue to work my family cattle ranch, serve as a volunteer fire fighter, and sit on the Madera Board of Supervisors because I’m committed to preserve our way of life.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be expanding this website to help you learn more about my campaign and the issues I stand for. Be sure to check back here for constant updates.


Thank you again for stopping by!

Frank Bigelow



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